Shala & Retreats


Welcome to our shala

Even if it’s a bit boastful we think Kala Bahia has the best yoga shala in the whole of south goa. If you can put up with nosy sea otters coming to investigate your morning meditation, or not be distracted by the dolphins showing off across the bay as you downward dog then come join one of our daily classes.

We are a small resort, but we can hold bespoke retreats up to 11 people. If you’d like to discuss the different options with us, please drop us an email

This season we’re proud to announce we have two fantastic yoga teachers offering classes weekday mornings from 6.30am until 11:30am.

First with Regina Ehlers who begins with 30 to 45 minutes meditation (optional) starting just before dawn, with her main Ashtanga Mysore style Yoga class commencing around 7:15am and finishing around 9am. Regina is very welcoming and an amazing teacher, and we find folk often coming from Europe and elsewhere in India especially to practice with her.

Then from 9.30am we have Nina Holler another incredible teacher who will be teaching Hatha yoga until around 11am. This will be Nina’s first season at Kala Bahia and we’re very lucky to have her. Nina and her husband Deepak have been teaching popular yoga classes in Goa for a number of years and when we first knew she was interested in teaching at our Shala we were only too happy to welcome her on board!


Meet our teachers

Then for the rest of the day we’ll have a variety of drop-in classes including some special event yoga things, but in particular we’re going to be focusing on dance, movement, healing and meditation.


One of Kala Bahia’s founder members Nuria Peguera is creator of Sacred Flamenco and understanding the sacred essences of dance and movement is a lifelong exploration for her. Nuria is curator of our shala and our eclectic classes are a reflection of her wide interests and passions.


Please check our website regularly for the latest calendar of events and classes, including many afternoon activities for kids, in particular street dance and Bollywood dance classes for children and adults!


PS If you’re interested in running a class in our Shala, please let us know about your idea by clicking here.