Shala & Retreats


Welcome to our shala

Even if it’s a bit boastful we think Kala Bahia has the best yoga shala in the whole of south goa. If you can put up with nosy sea otters coming to investigate your morning meditation, or not be distracted by the dolphins showing off across the bay as you downward dog then come join one of our daily classes.

We are a small resort, but we can hold bespoke retreats. If you’d like to discuss the different options with us, please drop us an email

We are currently working on our Shala Schedule for next season. We are planning to open our Shala with regular yoga classes from October 1st 2019. For more info and regular updates please visit our Facebook page.

If you are interested in running a regular class, workshop or event in our Shala please get in touch by sending us an email.


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